Friday, February 8, 2008

How can you take all these drugs without thinking?

Here are the drugs found in Heath Ledger's body:

• Oxycodone -- narcotic/painkiller; trade names: OxyContin, Percodan
• Hydrocodone -- narcotic/painkiller; trade name (combined with acetaminophen): Vicodin
• Diazepam -- anti-anxiety drug; trade name: Valium
• Alprazolam -- anti-anxiety drug; trade name: Xanax
• Doxylamine -- sleep medication; trade name: Unisom
• Temazepam -- sleep medication; trade name: Restoril

I took Oxycodone once for about 5 days while my root canal acted up, however I made sure that I called my doctor telling him that I took Motrin 2 hours ago. You can't just pop fricking pills all day long.

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