Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Google (GOOG) Down 34% YTD, dropped another 7% today, Apple (AAPL) Down -41% YTD

I am starting to feel sorry for people who bought google and Apple at the beginning of this year
Google is down 34% year to date and Apple is down 41% year to date. Take a look at this guy here

I have no clue but it's definetly not a good sign! I bought google at
$683 so far im down like 30% or something im wondering weither or not
to sell and put my money in something that has a chance of going up or
hold on to google for the long run any suggestions?

Let's do the math for him :-0
If you run this in SQL

select ((451/683.0) -1) * 100

The output is indeed -33.967

What would you do if you bought the stock at $683?

What about this person whou bought the stock at $730


I've got to say, this is quite poxy!

I bought in at $730, two days before the decline began. It was a
stupid move, I will admit. I got carried away in the hype, which is
probobly one of the worst errors an investor can make.

Since I invested with money I could afford to lose I've decided that
I'll either make a profit in this trade or lose it all. So either it
goes back up and I make a small profit, or the company goes out of
business and I lose everything.

Sure what the hell, poor emotionally driven entry, poor emotionally
driven exit strategy.

I don't recommend it, just thought I'd share it.

The only real logic behind it is that there's a worldwide slump
dragging everything down, Google included, and I think Google is
healthy enough to ride it out without going bust.

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