Monday, April 14, 2008

Family We Donated The Eggs To Is Expecting A Girl

As you of you might know I have written about the family we donated our eggs to in this post: Donating Eggs

Well it turns out they are expecting a girl, the girl will be born sometimes in July.

Here is what the couple emailed us

Today we saw the ultra sound of a very healthy, and active,24-week-old little girl who is growing right on schedule. She will arrive mid July. We feel beyond blessed to be experiencing all the wonderful emotions of parenthood and the fact that the pregnancy has gone so well. I do have two questions if possible for your reply sometime in the future. One, with so much talk of vaccines being linked to autism these days I want to do what’s right. A good indicator of vaccine caution is if siblings were adversely affected after vaccination shots. Would you share if any of the genetic siblings had adverse affects? And,you don’t have to answer, but curious to know what the genders of the genetic siblings are. Thank you and I pray all is healthy and well with your family.

By emailed us I mean that the organization emailed us, we are not in direct contact with the family.

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