Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Cleaning Is Worst Than A Root Canal

Of course this is just my biased opinion but I seriously rather have a root canal done than going for a cleaning at the dentist. Went for a cleaning today and I just hate it. I hate sitting in the chair, I hate hearing the sound of the drill at work in the room next door, I hate plaque being scraped of my teeth. Gosh how I hate going for a cleaning. A couple of weeks ago I had a root canal reconstruction done; a root canal procedure which was done 10 years ago got infected. I don't mind that at all, I know what is going to happen. With a cleaning you never know, I just love when they slip and jam the instrument into your gums. My wife is such a pussy, she is already stressed out about a filling she needs in 3 weeks, give me a break!

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