Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Is So Scared Of Obama That He Urges Fellow Republicans To Vote For Hillary

Rush turned into a real pussy, maybe he forgot to take his medicine?

Here is what he says on his site

I know I'm fighting an uphill battle here, folks, on trying to convince you Republicans in Ohio and Texas to cross over, pimp yourselves for a day, vote for Hillary to keep this campaign going, this Uncivil War, Democrat Party. I know what's going to happen. Even if I convince you to do it -- remember what this is, this is about us winning. You have to understand, it's not about Hillary winning; it's about us winning. It's about our party winning. It's about those people losing. They've got some problems in the Democrat Party. It's not all sweetness and light over there, and we need them to continue warring with each other. We love these stories of black people claiming they've been threatened with violence or their lives because they're not supporting Obama. We want all this kind of stuff out there. We want the Clinton campaign to keep pumping out these pictures of Obama dressed up as Bin Laden. We want this kind of stuff. If Hillary loses this thing, all of that's going to come to a screeching halt. We want all the disruption in that party as possible. It's about us winning.

I said this before; if Hillary wins then McCain will be president, if Obama wins then he will be the next president. There are enough Hillary haters out there who would not vote for her and stay home during the election. Rush realizes this and tries desperately to ‘help’ Hillary

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