Friday, January 2, 2009

Cunt Coloring Book? At Least Name It Vagina Coloring Book

Amazon sells the Cunt Coloring Book (Paperback)
Now why did they not name it the Vagina Coloring Book instead, seems kind of offensive. You also gotta love the reviews, here are two of them

Ladies, let's all get together and color til our hearts content! This is a wonderful book that I wouldn't hesitate giving to my daughter (if I had one, where's the stork??). I have two copies, one that is well-worn and another that I have kept in pristine gem-mint condition. This, to me, defines neo-feminism; a movement I couldn't be prouder to count myself a member of. It's a positive influence on all of us who are proud of what we posses "down there"!

I bought this book for my brother in law after he married my sister so he'd be properly educated on all the parts of the vagina. This book is definitely as educational as it is arousing...that is to say it does neither very well. But if you're super religious and need an anatomy lesson on how to poke your lady correctly, a raging lesbian with feminazi leanings, or you're a 9 year old boy who giggles when you say the word titmouse, then this is the perfect gift for you. Still, totally deserves 5 stars just because it's funny as hell. Send one to you local priest, rabbi, or boss today!

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