Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foreplay is overrated, according to researchers

Foreplay may be overrated according to a survey based on 2,300 women, which found that it has little or no significance when it comes to the likelihood of having an orgasm.

I will have to let my wife read this article. Here is some of the interesting stuff

In the study, reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the academics quizzed a representative sample of 2,360 Czech women of all ages about details of their sex lives, including orgasmic consistency with a partner along with estimated duration of foreplay and intercourse.

Results show that for the women in the study, the average duration of foreplay was 15.4 minutes, and intercourse, 16.2 minutes.

The researchers point out that 16.2 minutes is considerably longer than reported in American studies, where intercourse was found to last on average seven minutes.

They added: "It could be that this reflects, a greater appreciation of intercourse and sensuality by Europeans than by Americans."


they suggest that the longer intercourse lasts, the greater the probability of orgasm for the women

Well, that I would call a no-brainer, what else can you expect, the longer intercourse lasts, the smaller the probability of orgasm for the women? I don't thinks so.

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