Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lazytown, you are making my life miserable

My oldest son has discovered Lazytown. Not only has he discovered it on TV, he has also found it on the computer. He found it on Youtube and of course the noggin website (http://www.noggin.com/shows/lazytown.php).

I am not a person who likes techno music but this sounds like bad techno. So for some crazy reason I have that song Cooking by the Book in my head this morning. No matter how much Metallica I listen to it won’t go away. Maybe I should listen to some Slayer or King Diamond instead. I can only imagine what will happen when the twins discover Lazytown in a year or so :-(


Tara said...

I cheered the day my children became obsessed with Lazytown. Before that it was the evil that is Barney - let me tell you, Lazytown is a breeze in comparison!

dionysus with one n said...


I am over the Barney stage with my oldest kid, I have two younger kids who still have to discover Barney (yikes)
I got that "I can't do it by myself" song by BJ once stuck into my head

My oldest kid favorite show lately has been High 5 (Robot #1)

Sounds all like bad techno to me :-(